Buying a home, or selling a home – we are here to help.

Buying a home, or selling a home – we are here to help.
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    real estate market information for your neighbourhood

    For most families their home is their most valuable asset. Deciding to sell is decision that involves careful deliberation and preparation. When you are ready to sell, it is imperative that you have an experienced Real Estate professional as your advocate for negotiating top dollar.

    As a RE/MAX Real Estate professional, we offer a seamless end-to-end process – from strategic marketing and showcasing your property to the final stages of signed, sealed and delivered. Whatever your reasons for selling your home, my proven effective marketing strategies ensure you will receive the highest value for your home. We guarantee to provide you with a differentiated service experience: professional, ethical and confidential.

    What's the RE/MAX Advantage?

    RE/MAX Premier Market Presence

    Premier Quality Professionals

    RE/MAX professionals lead the industry in terms of experience, education and sales. In Western Canada, they average about 16 years of experience, and across the network, hold a higher number of professional designations than associates of any single competitor.

    Premier Brand Name Awareness

    The RE/MAX hot air balloon trademark is one of the most widely recognized trademarks in North American business and is now a global brand. No other real estate organization has the level of brand recognition and definition of RE/MAX. The brand draws buyers and sellers and as a result no one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.

    Premier Customer Satisfaction

    Repeat and referral clients are the lifeblood of the real estate business. Approximately 70% of RE/MAX business comes from repeat and referral clients, a testimonial to the high caliber of service RE/MAX customers have come to expect from their Sales Associates. A survey completed by RE/MAX found that 95% of RE/MAX customers report overall satisfaction with their RE/MAX Sales Associate, 92% say they will use RE/MAX again and 93% will recommend RE/MAX to others. This is, by far, the highest rating in the real estate business.

    Premier Community Citizenship

    RE/MAX is a front-runner in terms of giving back to the community, often devoting endless support to countless charities and local causes. The RE/MAX sponsorship of Children’s Miracle Network is a great example of RE/MAX community citizenship. Since 1992, RE/MAX has been a major contributor to the Children’s Miracle Network; a North American fund-raising organization dedicated to generating funds and awareness programs for the benefit of Children served by its over 170 associated hospitals. RE/MAX across Canada raises over $4 million annually on behalf of 14 Canadian children’s hospital foundations. As well, RE/MAX of Western Canada created the “Quest for Excellence Program”. This bursary program was established to recognize the success and on-going pursuits of Western Canadian students. A “Quest for Excellence” involves any student in Grade 12 who demonstrates passion, commitment and dedication, positive attitude and enthusiasm for on of the 6 categories. RE/MAX presents 24 cash bursaries of $500 each. The categories are Leadership, Sports, Technology and Trades, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Community Service. RE/MAX is proud to recognize students, in the very communities in which we live and work, for their outstanding achievements. Education is the building block of our future and if the children we hear from every day are any indication, our future has never been brighter. RE/MAX is committed to help raise awareness of the ongoing need for organ donation. CA of T assists Canadians in making informed decisions regarding organ, tissue and bone marrow donation. The site provides some national information regarding organ and tissue donation, but more importantly acts as a portal to the many provincial organizations that are mandated to oversee organ and tissue donation programs across the country.

    Yard Sale for the Cure

    As a national presenting sponsor of Yard Sale for the Cure, RE/MAX associates support the need to raise funds to find a cure for breast cancer. This one-day event, held the last Saturday each May, is dedicated to hosting yard sales accross the country, with the proceeds going towards breast cancer research and treatment.

    Premier Market Share

    In large part, our community minded top producers who provide industry leadership, experience and excellent customer service under a respected company banner add up to leading market share. RE/MAX dominates virtually every market in Canada, in terms of market share. On average, RE/MAX outsells the competition 3 to1 across Canada. RE/MAX is supported by over 35 years of brand name development, referral services, promotional support and other benefits that today are an integral part of the RE/MAX network of over 100,000 Sales Associates in over 7,000 offices in 65 countries worldwide. RE/MAX has the network to provide the best real estate experience throughout the world.


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    Whether you are looking for your first home, your dream home or an investment property, the process is both exciting and complex. You deserve to have the most current market information and the very best advice available to you. A Realtor will provide you with both.

    Why use a Realtor when purchasing a home?

    A real estate agent can help you understand everything you need to know about the home buying process.
    Real estate transactions are one of the biggest financial dealings of most people’s lifetime. Transactions today usually exceed $250,000. If you had a $250,000 income tax problem, would you attempt to deal with it without the help of a certified professional accountant? If you had a $250,000 legal question, would you deal with it without the help of an attorney? Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it would be wise to work with a professional REALTOR® when you are selling a home.


    If you’re still not convinced of the value of a REALTOR®, here are more reasons to use one:


    1. Your REALTOR® can help you determine your buying power – that is, your financial reserves plus your borrowing capacity. If you give a REALTOR® some basic information about your available savings, income and current debt, he or she can refer you to lenders best qualified to help you. Most lenders – banks and mortgage companies – offer limited choices.
    2. Your REALTOR® has many resources to assist you in your home search. Sometimes the property you are seeking is available but not actively advertised in the market, and it will take some investigation by your agent to find all available properties.
    3. Your REALTOR® can assist you in the selection process by providing objective information about each property. Agents who are REALTORS® have access to a variety of informational resources. REALTORS® can provide local community information on utilities, zoning, schools, etc. There are two things you’ll want to know: First, will the property provide the environment I want for a home or investment? Second, will the property have resale value when I am ready to sell?
    4. Your REALTOR® can help you with negotiations and inspections. There are many negotiating factors, including but not limited to price, financing, terms, date of possession and often the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings or appliances. The purchase agreement should allow time for you to complete appropriate inspections and investigations of the property before you are bound to complete the purchase. Your agent can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required.
    5. Your REALTOR® provides due diligence during the property evaluation. Depending on the area and property, this could include inspections for termites, dry rot, asbestos, faulty structure, roof condition, septic tank and well tests, just to name a few. Your REALTOR® can assist you in finding qualified responsible professionals to do most of these investigations and provide you with written reports. You will also want to see a preliminary report on the property title. Title indicates ownership of property and can be mired in confusing status of past owners or rights of access. The title to most properties will have some limitations; for example, easements (access rights) for utilities. Your REALTOR®, title search company or attorney can help you resolve issues that might cause problems at a later date.
    6. Your REALTOR® can help you understand different financing options and identify qualified lenders.
    7. Your REALTOR® can guide you through the closing process and make sure everything flows together smoothly.


    The first step to finding your perfect home is to let me know a bit about what you’re looking for. Please take a few moments to fill out the form below, and you’ll be contacted shortly for a meeting in person.


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    real estate market information for your neighbourhood

    Getting the most for your home is all about making it attractive to the widest range of buyers. To prepare your home for sale and give yourself the chances of getting the highest price, there are some home staging items to consider.


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